Is there a way to archive?

Hi! Happy Tuesday!

Is there a way to archive my formatives with classes from last school year? I would love any suggestions and/or ideas :grin:


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Hey Rodney, what do you mean by archive formative with classes? I’d love to help if I can :wink:

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Hey @Adam_Lincoln! I would like to be able to keep data from my formatives/classes last year, but not share formatives with classes from last year. I would like to be able to “file away” all of my “old” formatives with student data from last school year. I can’t seem to find a way to do this. Do you know how, or have a workaround?


I’ve created an Archive folder (and subfolders within that for Year levels) and moved Formatives to there. I add the year (e.g. 2016) to the title of the Formative once it’s ‘archived’. It’s easy enough to clone them, before or after moving, to use with a new set of students.


Hey @Adam_Lincoln, I also created folders for last year classes and moved everything there.


@Rodney_Fowler Sorry for the delay in following up. I really like how @kallgood & @faiza.berradagouzi are doing it. If you want to retain the responses from last year, but don’t want your students to continue to be able to access them, make sure to un-assign the formatives to those classes. You can always re-assign them temporarily if you want to take a peek at the responses again.


@Adam_Lincoln…thanks so much for following up! I agree that I love the ideas that @kallgood and @faiza.berradagouzi suggested! I have also un-assigned the formatives. Thanks again!!


Wow! I never thought of creating a folder for past classes - I love it - thank you.