Isolate One Student's Work

I am wondering if there is a way to isolate one student’s work for a given formative without having to click through every question to see all of their work?


Although there may be a more elegant way of doing this that I do not know about…

When you go to View responses, you can click on Export. Downloading the CSV or opening the Google sheet will create that spreadsheet where you can see each stduent’s response as one per row, which may be useful for your purposes.

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You can also visit the Tracker and click on the student’s score under the assignment to see all of their responses for each question. You can also score from there as well! All teachers can view assignments from the past two weeks. If you have premium, you can see the aggregated data for assignments over all time. All teachers can always go back into individual formatives to view the data as well!

Thanks - this is very helpful!

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