Jennifer L. Level 1 Introduction

Hello my name is Jennifer. I currently teach Earth Science at a public online high school in Washington State. I’ve been using Goformative for the past 2 years. I have currently moved all my tests, quizzes, labs and guided notes to the platform and I love it. My grades have gone up and my time spent grading has gone down…sounds like a win-win to me!!!


Hi Jennife, you said guided notes. Please explain. I teach Spanish, any ideas would be helpful

Hi Loly,
I have my students have their Formative open while in the class. I have prepared the guided notes to go along with the lecture. I add the videos that were shown in class, Padlet, Newsela, webpages, self-assessments, learning targets, all types of questions and etc. I can see who is participating, I can leave feedback on answers and I can progress monitor. The students have the option of going back and seeing the recording of the class and the PowerPoint plus all the information that we have gone over throughout the class. The students that participate and really engage in the notes do really well in the class. Here are some links to a couple of the notes
I’m still playing with how to organize them and what is most beneficial for the students, but I am having success overall.
I’d love to hear any ideas that you have or ways that you think I can make them better. I’m the only one at the school that is doing this so far, so I’ll take any suggestions that you have. :slight_smile:

Hi Jennifer, I couldn’t see your formatives. I need permission.


But I’m going to admit it sounds interesting the way you have done it. I’ll have to see your notes and see if I can emulate.

Thanks again.


I’m so sorry…here are the links: