Journeys extended reading books- 4th grade

We use Journeys ELA series in our elementary. I like the extended reading books, but wish they had them after every topic instead of every two topics. We have created quizzes for Mars and Horses from that series. I wondered if anyone else had done something more in-depth or used Formative in a different way to asses these extra books. We use them as the weekly story for that week and have created spelling lists to go along with the books. Here is my Formative for Horses which focuses on main idea and details from the text. If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them.


If you add a question after the one on main idea that gives several pieces of text, the students then can select which one supports their choice. Assuming your school and lessons are standards based this would hit RL4.1. Also, adding a short answer–depending on your time frame–can potentially increase the DOK. :slight_smile:

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