Level 2: Question (ELA)

When annotating an article on paper, I have my sixth grade students write the “gist” of each paragraph next to each paragraph. When applying this strategy to a PDF version of a text on Formative, I find that students cannot easily locate their gists for each paragraph (when they need to review the text to respond to questions) because they have to scroll to find what they wrote. Often articles can have 10 gists or more. Any suggestions for how to reformat? Thanks in advance!

My suggestion would be to “cut up” the article in pieces (paragraphs) and add one text question to each. Still a lot of scrolling up and down, but perhaps it can make it easier.

I second @mgarcia 's recommendation! You can also add a free-response or short answer question and attach the show your work for the relevant paragraphs by toggling the slider on the question box.