Library of shared formatives

Last night as I was creating a water cycle activity, I wondered about a library of shared formatives. Could not readily find it and just finished what I was doing. This morning I found it, relatively hidden away (help>Community resources - opens a new page >library).

I know there is no curation or anything like that, but in thinking about the posts about new user experiences, having the library a bit more prominently displayed or easier to find could encourage someone to try formative and experience the awesomeness.I am thinking a teacher who is not very techie and has to start from scratch might just go away, but if instead, the same teacher finds a formative that deals with what he/she is teaching they might go ahead and create a class and try it out.


Thank you so much. I didn’t know this existed at all.


A prominent library is on the way, @mgarcia. Just be patient a little bit longer :smiley:


Thanks for sharing our “beta library Mariana”! As @michael.lutz mentioned, we’ll be releasing a new one very soon that’ll at the top of your Formative dashboard (next to “Tracker” I believe)! On top of being more prominent, it’ll be easier than ever to add and grab formatives for specific grades/subjects!


I so appreciate this. I am that “not so techie” person, so this really helps!


Here’s the link to our new library! As of today, it has over 3,000 formatives that you can use :slight_smile: