Live Scoring System Issue

I understand that there are some educators that enjoy the new type of system where the “Live” scoring is based on answered questions. However I personally enjoyed the original “Live” scoring system where unanswered questions are part of the students’ performance because it enables me as an educator to get an overall view of my students’ performance in live. I can therefore help students who are struggling or lagging behind with other questions. Moreover it gives me the opportunity to see which students did not complete their assignment based on low percentage scores etc. I also realize that you have included a “Force Students to Submit” option but I would have to go through each student to do this. With the other option I could just close the assignment and still have an accurate grade of my students based on missed questions. I do wish, however, that maybe in the future to include an option were a teacher can decide which scoring system to use based on their preference.


Hi @larrymiller1234! I think your opinion is fairly similar to those in this thread. I’ll add your feedback to our Product Board, where we log all requests and suggestions from our educators :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll keep you updated on any future changes! We love to hear suggestions, so please keep the feedback coming!

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