Live Webinar: 5 Amazing Ways To Use Formative For Math!

Hey everyone!

This Thursday (November 29th) at 12:10PM PST / 2:10PM CST / 3:10PM EST…@Dawn_Frier1, @mnunkester, and myself will be hosting a webinar where we’ll be sharing 5 amazing ways to use Formative for math!

You’ll be able to tune in live or watch the recording later by using the video player below:

If you tune in live, you can post questions/comments directly to the Youtube feed and we’ll be sure to address them! If you watch later, you can reply via this thread and we’ll make sure to follow up as well!


Grab your copy of the formative we created for the webinar! It’s got examples of each strategy we shared :point_down:

exit tickets 💥 number talks 💥 breakouts & scavenger hunts 💥 vocab checks 💥 before & after reflections 💥

“Awesome Ways To Use Formative For Math”


@Math_Educators Just a reminder that our LIVE webinar starts in 10 minutes! You can watch using the video player above. If you can’t make it to the live event, you can check it out later using the same video player!

Thank you for posting this. I’m excited to use more number talks using gF!

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No problem! Agreed, the examples of number talks that @Dawn_Frier1 shared are exciting! I just edited the original post above and added the clone link for the formative we showed in the webinar in case you want to make a copy of it!

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Another way I’m using gF with my math students is to do rough sketches of polynomial functions with a USB mouse pen. It’s a way I can capture digital work from my students in the “Show my Work” question type; convenient for me to look at all of my 36 students at once and get a quicker, more complete picture of if my students understand the concepts.
Here’s a link to the USB mouse pens I purchased on Amazon if you’re interested.

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@robert.schwandt Awesome! Do the USB mouse pens work across devices? Are there other things you need to purchase in order to use them?

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Just need a computer/chromebook/laptop with access to goFormative! :slight_smile: It’s working great so far! The “penmanship” isn’t great, but you get the idea…

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I’m really interested in trying the number talks also.

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OMG. I just watched this formative webinar and I was blown away. This is amazing, I really enjoyed the concept of gamification with the scavenger hunt ideas.