LMS/LTI Integration is coming!

Hello everyone @Certified_Educators @informed_members @new_members!

We’ve been working on something really big here at Formative–LMS integration!

Since LMS integration is school-wide this will be available to our premium partner schools but we’re also looking for others to test. Please consider providing us some information and feedback so we can be sure to implement in a way that provides the most benefit to our educators and their schools.

What better way for us to gather this info than with a formative!

To take the LMS/LTI Questionnaire Formative:
Log out of your teacher account or open an incognito browser window and go to https://goformative.com/formatives/5cd34629e633f84f89662881



Thank you everyone who has responded! I won’t be closing this formative so there’s plenty of time to answer. I can’t wait to share this data with the team here.