Lockdown Browser

Can I use a lockdown browser with chromebooks to have students take quizzes without being able to google answers? I have access to google classroom and schoology.


Hey Christine. I know they were working on a lockdown mode. Not sure of the current status. I think there was an app/extension/add-on but my district had to let it past the firewall… and they never got around to it. :confused:

One workaround might be to open a Google Form and embed the GoFo page into the Form. Set the Form as a quiz in locked mode. Then, students should be locked into the quiz and (mostly locked) GoFo. They will have to log into GoFo within the Form to access the Formative.

Another workaround you can use if you have GoGuardian is to set up a scene so that only certain websites are allowed… the specific GoFo link. Then you can push out the link to the students from GoGuardian and they cannot get into anything other than that one site. Then you can exclude them from the session as they complete the assignment so they can access other sites.

Hi Tricia,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately the google form idea didn’t work. The students couldn’t open the link once the lockdown browser was opened.

I will keep trying but I am not sure this is going to work out.

Thank you

Bummer! Hopefully someone else will have an idea.

Do you know who I can contact about setting up formative with schoology? My IT is trying to get things moving for me and they need the access.

@Jessica_Blackburn do you know who Christine can contact?