Locked mode for testing

I’m looking for a locked mode for tests on Chromebooks: students should only be able to call up a specific website, e.g. a Formative url or a Google Forms url (or a Google Docs, etc.). They shouldn’t be allowed to go to another tab or use another website.

In this community I’ve found the following interesting quotes:

From @david

and from @jillian.kostuchrzepk

She is referring to Universal Kiosk.

Furthermore, in June 2018 Google has announced a locked mode in Quizzes in Google Forms. However, this is still pending.

Any other ideas or helpful suggestions?

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I’m still waiting for this as well. Looking into Kiosk mode that @david mentioned, I’d like to work with my IT department some more. It does like pretty promising from the information that I read about it.

I don’t know if the one that I currently use (Universal Kiosk) works with anything but google forms. To be honest, I haven’t tried it with anything but that. It does work well, but you need to use the google short code from the google form, which is still a bit longer than I’d like.

Along with @michael.lutz, I’d definitely like to hear what others are doing in order to secure assessments and not allow students to open other tabs.

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Google is going into a beta program as far as the locked mode in Google forms are concerned:

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Any suggestions for a macbook browser locking mechanism?


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