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Hi everyone! I am in need of main idea question ideas for my formatives. If anyone has a formative they can share, that would be great too…I am just looking for ideas! Thanks :blush:


Have you ever seen Achieve the Core Fluency Packet? They are nice because a lot of them are trying to steer the reader towards main idea. I have made a few of these into formatives and will share as well.

Achieve the Core Fluency Packet


@Lisa_Scumpieru, thank you so much for these amazing main idea resources/formatives. I am so excited to dig deeper into these resources, and use your ideas. Thanks again for sharing this info. I will also be taking a deeper look at the Achieve the Core website, and sharing it with my colleagues too!!



@Lisa_Scumpieru These are fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing. I actually thinking i can use these with my GED students.


Most definitely! They are so nice to build too. :slight_smile: Enjoy.


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I am not sure what grade you teach, but I am a second grade teacher. I am using this Formative, UTVYAE , as a quick review for my students. They just need to read the quick passage, and then answer the questions about the main idea of the passage and then the main idea of each paragraph. I have included the second grade standards on each question.

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Hi there,

What do you mean by main idea question?



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He means creating questions that assess students ability to identify the main idea of a text!