Making accommodations for special needs students with foreign language Formatives!

I’m interested to hear how other foreign language teachers use Formative in class- specifically to make accommodations and/or meet the needs of students with IEPs…

One example I’d like to share is for ‘dicado’ assessments (like a spelling test/dictation…write/type exactly what you hear)…as an alternative assessment, I have the student choose the correct spelling of the word they hear from multiple choice options.

regular ‘dictado’ assessment:
& alternative assessment:

(the 2 above are from different units…but you get the idea)

What other methods do you use to make accommodations and/or differentiate for special needs?

Thanks, all!



Could you record the instructions and pronunciation and attach a link to the question. That way a student could hear it aloud? It is great that you are thinking about accommodations when creating an formative assessment. Keep up the good work!


For this particular type of dictation assessment, I still read aloud…the entire class hears the same thing. Their method of response is differentiated. :slight_smile:


Hi @dentlerp

With regard to your question, I have two thoughts:

  1. Give multiple choice answers for very similar sounding words (not oral but they are required to understand the morphology).

  2. The students use ‘Multiple Selection’ in order to demonstrate their understanding of various meanings, definitions and/or truths of the word(s).

I have started making a few today so let me know if you want them and I’ll send you the clone codes!