Map Assessment-Ancient Middle East

I have a wide variety of students in my Early World History class this year. We are also moving to have our foundations students join in with more of the regular education classes. Instead of the usual paper copy of a map assessment, I thought that making it on here would be able to help these students still complete the same assessment, just using a different tool.
Please let me know what you think and if there is anything I could add/change to this. I’m still a few units away, so I have time to make revisions.


This is great, Jillian! Since you’ve used Short Answer questions, you could setup an answer key and auto-score responses. In addition to assessing whether students are able to identify areas on the map, are there other skills and concepts that you are looking to assess with this formative? What if you added some additional Short Answer questions and asked students to explain some additional details about the areas? I definitely encourage @SSHistory_Educators to check out this formative and share feedback!

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Thank you for the feedback! Generally this is something that I do as a sub-section of the unit assessment. So they have some short answer responses on there as well. But I think that geography or human geography teachers would really benefit from putting that addition into an assessment like this.

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Iḿ just getting started using Formative and I teach World Geography and Human Geography. I like the way that you incorporated maps in your assessment. One activity that I like to learn how to put into Formative is an activity where students use color to shade and Map distributions. I’ve tried using the show your work function but this seems very labor intensive. I´m wondering if others have tried anything like this? Thanks in advance JK

I really like the map question, it looks fun and yet challenging. Good job!