Maps - annotation

Hoping to have HS grade 9 kids annotate maps as a followup to a science field trip. Here is the start of my formative:
Wondering if any @Science_Educators can offer suggestions on giving guidance to students?

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Awesome! Have you tried using google maps? Students can add information directly to the map and then upload.

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Great idea! Do the students know about long shore current/drift, or other wave deposition/erosion? I am thinking a second question showing the movement of the water around the island can help lead them to the goal of drawing the island’s shape in the future on the map.


I like the use of specific directions to help with the assessment portion. Something to consider in addition to your “Describe why” statements…could one add another blank formative question where students actually move to another classmate’s formative and provide feedback on their “why?” I think this may be an opportunity to get feedback on the spot and allow for some argumentation and defending of claims.


Yes! That is actually the focus of the field trip that led to this formative! I would hope and expect students to use data from the field trip “long shore current/drift, or other wave deposition/erosion” to predict what Block Island will look like in the future.
This is my first try at using Formative rather than paper to have students demonstrate their learning for this task.

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That’s a great option. Thanks!
I was originally thinking of having students use Google my Maps to annotate their experience, but time ran out. Perhaps next year.
It is cool how a My Map can be embedded into a Formative. But I wonder if anyone knows if students can use an embed code to upload into a show your work space?


Not currently, but we can consider this!

I like this advanced option as well. I would love to see the ability of student embedded items as it become more robust. Even a simple upload picture would be beneficial as I like to have my students document with their devices and I would love to use formative as the platform where we can share media and get peer feedback.


@Laura_Goracke Currently your students can upload an image onto the Show Your Work canvas (as part of a response)! Have you tried this yet? It’d be great to hear what other kinds of things you’d like to see students be able to upload/embed!