Mastery Connect Vs GoFormative

Hello everyone,

I am really trying to defend on the side of GoFormative but my district thinks it is the same as Mastering Connect. Therefore, we discouraged to use GoFormative and stick with Mastering Connect as the district purchased it already.

Do we have any educators that can chime in their expertise?

Thank you.


I’d be inclined to stay with GoFormative, because at some point the district will abandon and go to a different one. GoFormative stays with you, even if you leave the district. We had a situation where our district abandoned one platform and shifted us to a different platform. All the assessments we made on the old platform are gone. We have to recreate new assessments. So, if I’m going to do all that work, I want it to stay with me and not go away.


I agree with Roberto. Too many times I’ve invested energy into something the district bought only to have them not renew the subscription. I like that I control Formative.

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