Mastery learning and DoK level tracking

Hi everyone -

I use Mastery-based learning in my class and I use the DoK’s to guide the process.

Basically, students first progress through the DoK activities in my class and then when ready they test out on the level DoK with some sort of short assessment. If students are able to get an 80% then they move on to level two DoK activities. This continues until they complete all of the DoK level four material or the unit time runs out and then we start the next unit together.

So I have two questions:

  1. can we specifically tag DoK in Formative
  2. can we have another Formative “unlock” when a specific grade is achieved on another formative?

I think they are working on added DoK levels for tagging. There’s been quite a few comments about it in the community.

That feature would work perfectly with my progressive system. Currently my students know to pick a different strand if they score less than 70% at a particular level, so I have time to intervene and correct misconceptions. If course, some kids don’t listen and they keep working the next level anyway. Being able to lock them out until they reached a specific score would help.


I love the way you are using mastery-based learning and DOK levels! Yes, we are considering adding the DOK levels for tagging! Also, I really like the of having formatives unlock as well! I haven’t heard this before and we can definitely consider it! I could see it being useful for the reason that @tricia.mintner and also for creating gamification as well. In particular, I think this could be useful for quests!

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I love adding in the gamification layer as well! Awesome idea!