Math Formative - Taking it to the Next Level

Hi everyone!

I am gearing up for next year! This year I have really used formative as a pretty basic tool for assessing, but I am learning all kinds of great info from this community for how to spruce things up and use it as a platform for learning!

I have a formative here that with full disclosure - is pretty basic. I would love feedback on how other teachers go to the next level with their formative use!

Thanks in advance!

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What about creating a scenario and the students have to pick the beginning time and the end time of the event - you could have several pictures of clocks?


That is an awesome idea!


Hi Chase

You could use show your work feature and have a clock without hands as the background and then you have them making the time instead. I believe you can also put pictures in multiple choice now and you can have them select the times out of multiple options. Just a way to change up the question types.


Hi Chase, when I taught this is was before my days of using Formative. At that time, I took my 3rd graders to the next level like this: I took an overhead spinner, drew a clock face on it, and flicked it. I told the students I could tell them about what time it was if that spinner showed only the hour hand. They thought I was crazy, but when I showed them where the hour hand is at :30, at :15, and at :45, they were shocked to find the relative distance of the hour hand between the two marked hours. We played as a class for awhile. I would flick the spinner and call on students who told me about what time it was on the clock and WHY they decided on that number of minutes in the time.

So, to put this in Formative, I would have pictures of clocks with various hour hands. I would then have Short Answer responses to have student tell what time it is and why they chose that time. Then I could have a whole class discussion and grade it ‘on the spot’ with class input.