Math formula insert function

Sorry I do not know what it is called, but would it be possible to not have it prefilled:image

I would like to start typing math notation without having to delete this equation every time. I know it is there to show what the function is capable of, but after the hundredth or so time it becomes a little cumbersome to delete before I can enter the formula I want to enter. If you are trying to emphasize what it is capable of, can you just have the drop-down math keyboard appear when you click the plus? I would like to start typing after I click the plus without deleting the default equation every time. Thank you.


Agreed. In the meant time, my workaround is to type a simple answer and Copy the question so I don’t have to delete as much. Also, if I’m doing additon of fractions, where the formatting is the same, I don’t have to click the math keyboard, I can simply edit the fractions.

I completely agree. I also wish that we didn’t have to use latex for so many math symbols. Who has time to learn latex?! An improved equation editor would make Formative much more user-friendly.

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Agreed!!! It’s such a pain to erase the prefilled!

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@jparson If you know LaTeX, you can type it directly into the editor, highlight, then select the LaTeX option form the toolbar:

We use a plugin called KaTeX that handles the rendering, more information and supported functions from the LaTeX namespace can be found here: Supported Functions · KaTeX

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@bpuett do you have any examples of equation editors you’ve used online?

I did find this equation editor: LaTex Equation Editor for anyone interested. You can paste the LaTeX syntax into Formative, then highlight and convert it using the toolbar.

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I have used Equatio with some success in Google applications, but for Formative lessons I either end up looking up the Katex format or using a different program (with MathType or the Word equation editor) to create the equations, and then taking a screenshot and adding it as an image. Either way, it takes so much time. I’m going to try Equation Editor ++ when school starts back, but I haven’t had time to work with it yet.


I appreciate all the different resources you have suggested. No I do not know how to use LATEX. I do not mind using the editor embedded in Formative. The biggest reason I use the equation editor is so I can quickly screenshot it and post the equation as an image instead of copyable text. My students have been just copying and pasting problems into sites like tigermath to get solutions. I use a chromebook and it is so easy to copy and paste a screen shot back into my questions. I just wish it was not prefilled so I could just start typing. It may not seem like a big deal but after 15 or so equations it starts to be a big time waster.

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@jparson - I can relate with this.