Math: Graphs and Statistics

Hey @Math_Educators - I’m looking for suggestions on how you use formatives with graphs. Specifically around box plots, dot plots, and histograms (so not graphing calculator/desmos stuff).

Other than just put in images of graphs I’m wondering what strategies you’ve used to have kids create and analyze graphs.

I teach 6th grade. Thanks for any ideas!


Here is an example of how I am using it with box plots. I start histograms in a couple of weeks. I also teach 6th grade and would love to share.

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You can always have them draw the graphs. I also love giving students error analysis questions. For example show data and a graph that has mistakes and they have to fix the graph, or given a graph such as box and whisker plot have students find mistakes in 5 number summary, etc.


One possible way is to have them explain the process to create a histogram: range, determine intervals, how big is each interval, etc. then have them create the actual histogram on paper, take a picture and add it to a Show Your Work question.



Thanks for sharing @andrewallen.slms . I really like the set up you have there!

Thanks @Dawn_Frier1 for the picture idea. My students do that all the time when they show their work on white board. I will have them do something similar with their graphs.


I do “Monday Mistakes” each week. This idea will be perfect as we head into our statistics unit! Thanks.


I generally upload images of graphs from existing documents that I create, like I did here with this formative analyzing dot plots (clone code: TRCGNN) or this one using circle graphs (clone code: CSDDJO) or this one with bar graphs (clone code: JMGTGK). Hope that helps!


I love the “Monday Mistakes” idea! My district is big on having students correct each other’s work and look for errors. I am constantly making mistakes on purpose for my students to catch, so this is a great idea!

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