Math Manipulatives

If you had access to a math manipulative widget to use in Formative what would you like to see? I’d like to see an alg tile widget. Students could drag tiles into a Formative answer to questions and get feedback.


I agree that algebra tiles would be awesome. We are definitely considering creating an advanced question type that would allow students to move uploaded items around on the canvas. In the meantime, you could have students use a site like the one below to manipulate algebra tiles. They could take screenshots of their work and upload them as background images of show your work questions :grinning:


That’s exactly the site I use right now :grinning:


This site offers iPad friendly apps… MathLearningCenter . Does anyone know how to embed these virtual manipulatives into a GoFormative? We use the base ten blocks and pattern blocks and then submit screen shots…




Thanks for the great website @mvoltz ! I just created the embed code and it worked! This is super exciting since it’s the first math manipulative site I’ve seen, which is actually embeddable! Here’s my example! Feel free to take the embed code from my example and embed it in your own formative.

All I did to create it was take the URL from that site (Fractions | The Math Learning Center) and then insert it in this iframe generator site and hit generate:

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Then I took the iFrame Code that appeared and pasted it into the embed block :grinning:


You are the best! :smile: Thank you so much! I think I’ll use these manipulatives and embedding option for my webinar!



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