Math Reflection Formative

I used the Formative below to review my students over exponential functions. I hid the names of students, but kids could see the dashboard and the % for each question. Half-way through class we went over the questions that were below 60% to reinforce material before their test.
What suggestions do @Math_Educators have to improve this formative?


It might be helpful to have a way for them to communicate C,U,G on the formative as well. That way you can tell their confidence level on the material too.


Student reflection is something that I am currently trying to improve on in my classroom. I have started adding questions to my formatives that involve student reflection. I now try to add self reflection questions to formatives that are more review type formatives. Here is an example of a formative that I have used with my students in my geometry class.


I like this idea of self reflection. I am tasked with creating a hybrid Precalc course for my school next year. For the course, students are going to be allowed to work at their own pace as long as their deadlines are met. I’m thinking the self reflection part would be very helpful to me for keeping up where students are and what their needs may be.


This is awesome Rebecca! I love how you use the “Enhance a PDF/Doc” feature to help pinpoint parts of the images that you want students to respond to. I also love how you show students the learning standards and allow them to self-assess their progress on them! We just chose you to be our Formative Educator of the Day! You rock!

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That’s awesome!

I add at least one reflection question at the end of each formative. It serves two purposes: (1) I get more information about their understanding, and (2) I know when that last question is ‘grey’ that I haven’t graded or put it in my grade book yet. (This is very helpful since I have students working on individualized curricula.)

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Nice!! I’m teaching Geo again next year and this formative is definitely something that I’d like to use! I need to incorporate more self-assessment and reflection (in general), and this is a great way to do it. :blush: