Math Sites/Tools to Embed in Formative

What are some tools/sites that you have embedded in your Formatives to make them more engaging to your students? I teach high school Honors Geometry so I already embed Geogebra applets as well as Desmos graphs and activities. @Math_Educators any suggestions for things you have tried?


At the moment I stick to Geogebra.


Not a math teacher, so these may not apply to Honors Geometry, but… Phet has math sims.
In science, I embed their simulations all the time, and they work really well. Just be careful if you are using Chromebooks since not all of them are HTML.

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A few other sites I have found good uses besides Geogebra and Desmos:

  1. Tuva (statistics) – paid site with SOME free data sets. Really great applets for looking at data that students can interact with.

  2. pHet - science simulations site

  3. Google Slides - kind of boring, but a great way to add in some content.

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Flipgrid has become one of my new faves to use in math. I will ask students to give a recap of the topics that are covered in the Formative or to give as much information as possible on a topic in 90 seconds. I love my students being able to verbalize their understanding and not having to leave the Formative to do so.