Math Teachers - SOS!

Hello fellow math teachers! Anyone have a workaround for creating a multi-part question? What about having students show work that do not have touch-enabled devices? Have you found an easy way to have them type things like exponents and radicals?

Thanks in advance!

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Multi-part questions, I choose the “Enhance PDF/Doc/Image". This is something I did recently.

For showing work:

Always enable the “show your work” feature. I always choose the numerical option with “show your work” enabled. This allows students to upload a picture directly from the camera. If they click on the image button, there is an option to “take a picture”. Many of my students do this in order to show me their written work. Our district gave out chromebooks without touch screens. I completely empathize.

Hope this helps


Oh my goodness, you’re brilliant! The multi-part question workaround is just what I needed!! Thank you times a million!!

For showing work, this is the same type of method I was using with Google Classroom, having them upload a picture. I love that it is embedded within the show your work and this is definitely something I will be trying. Unfortunately though, I find that the Chromebook cameras do not take good pictures and/or the students don’t know how to take good pictures with those webcams! Have you experienced this?

I’ve noticed it more with Kami and google apps, but not in here. Not sure why, but each picture they have taken to attach has been clear enough for me to read. Even my one student who is a chronic bad picture taker. lol

Maybe its the program?

Ah okay, thanks so much! I will definitely have to try it out.

A few of my students use their cell phone. They log into Formative on their cell phone and still use the ‘take a photo’ option. But most use their Chromebook camera…they get better the more you make them do it.

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I typically make a practice or assessment in Go Formative where I’m not using a PDF or Word document.

At the end of the Go Formative, I create several “Show your Work” questions where students take photos of their work for the entire practice. As an example, say an assignment has 10 problems where students practice factoring. I then have question 11 as show your work, upload a photo of your work for #1-10 here and question 12 as show your work, If needed - Upload a 2nd photo of your work here.

This avoids students having to take 10 photos and let’s me see their work. Just another option.

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They will get better with time. They will know how far to place the document, angles, etc. The best advice I was giving is this:
(1) Have students fold their paper into quarters. Write large enough to fill the space (numbers and letters should be about as wide as a pencil. With the 1/4 size sheet of paper, students can fold the paper so only one problem/section is seen at a time, AND they can see how that paper ‘fills’ the camera space. By using the smaller ‘paper’ it’s also easier for teachers to grade. :slight_smile:
(2) Also, many Chromebooks allow for students to just click the Space Bar to ‘click the pic’. This is helpful because it’s easier that trying to use the touchpad to locate and click the camera button. Students are more likely to have a clear picture.