Merging Assessments from the Library

Is there a way to merge assessments from the Library? I have found a couple of shorter assessments that I would like to use together as one without students changing in the middle. Thanks :slight_smile:


Not yet, but this sounds like it would be very useful! We’ve heard requests for similar things like being able to find content/question items from the library to create a formative :slight_smile:


This gets my vote :slight_smile:


@david Yes it would be helpful just to also be able to add specific questions from from formatives to build your own to meet your needs.


I agree! This would be a great addition!


It was great to meet you today, Chase! Thanks for the feedback! We record every piece!

A merge feature would be a great benefit to us math teachers!


Thanks for the feedback, Linda! We record every piece! If there’s a specific reason it would be valuable for math, we would love to hear more about it!

@linda.hagen is right! It takes a long time to type out a math equation for use on the computer. Being able to merge, or even select problems from previous Formatives, would help save time. For example, if I want students to simplify a problem already in the Quadratic Formula, I could merge that document where I already used 20+ clicks to build one problem, change some numbers, and have a new problem in about 5 clicks. It would also make building spiral review assignments MUCH faster. With a merge, I could combine all my problems, delete the ones I don’t want, rearrange the problem orders, edit numbers, and viola!


Thanks for sharing why merging assignments would be useful for you. I know it’s not quite the same, but you could copy a formative that you’ve already setup and then tweak it.

For the same reasons outlined by @tricia.mintner. Many of our problems throughout the year are spiraled so being able to reuse old problems to only make adjustments would be a huge time saver. In addition, over the summer break we would like to be able to merge some of our formatives, delete the unnecessary (bad) questions to make new and improved formatives.


Thanks for sharing your reasoning as well! That makes sense and will help us consider this feature!

Very useful also to create Review or even Final assessments. You already have your “question banks” in the formatives you’ve used, so it would be a great time saver to be able to go through what you have, select “struggle” questions that you’ve addressed and add them to see if your efforts were successful or you need to try again.


Ah, good point, I can see how this would be useful for review and formal assessments.

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I agree how nice would it be to take and merge or even grab individual questions by standard…


Thanks for the input Geoff!

Yes, being able to merge would be a wonderful addition. I teach grade level and honors classes and often I want to take multiple assignments from the grade level and merge (then edit as needed) for the honors classes.
Also in our department being able to merge assignments from each other would be another use for this feature.
Review for end of unit or finals would also be a great reason to merge

Is there any update on being able to merge more than one assignment / assessment? Or even a copy question option between goFormatives? With so many of us teaching virtually now, this is essential!

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Hi there,
The option exists. Click on add question and on the bottom right you have the option to search from existing questions. Once there you have the option to search from the library or add from your own formatives. Once you select the formative you want to add from it is simply a matter of clicking ADD

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Thank you for sharing!! Sooooo much easier <3