Merging formatives

Is there a way to merge two Formatives?

If not, then— that is a suggestion I have! Would be super useful!

Hi there,

I assume you just want to append questions from one formative into another? If that’s the case you could use the item bank to quickly add questions from one of your own formative’s into the current formative.
Screenshot from 2020-07-24 12-02-27

Reusing questions from existing formatives is a game changer. Saves tons of time when you need to revamp from pre-test to post-Test. Or, if you just need to switch out 1or 2 questions from a formative you are cloning. Love this option!

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You can save a little time if you first duplicate one of the Formatives you want to use, then copy the questions from the other formative by using the add from My Formatives feature.

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