Messaging to students that have not start on formatives

I realized that I can not message to a student on a question for feedback or motivation to start unless student have some imput for that question. I this possible. I know I can respond to any questions as long as students students attempt the question on the formative.


I would also like this feature. I have added this in the Feature Request forum a while back so hopefully someone is looking into the feasibility of this. :slight_smile:


I agree that this would be very useful. Hpefully it can be added. Thanks.


We are working on additional features with feedback, etc. Allowing students to respond to feedback is next on the list. I’d really like to explore this suggestion more.

Let’s keep this discussion going. If this is a feature you’d like and use, let us know. :smile:

Btw, I moved this discussed over to the General Use category.

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I’d love this too. It’d be really cool as a pop up :rofl: for the kids who haven’t started the assignment.

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