Missing images on iPad

I use my iPad for screencasting my lessons in Zoom. It is more functional to write on. I have have been using the canvas in Formative to work out problems live for my students. When I create problems I will add images to the canvas like graphs and tables then I use the student preview to work out the problems and avoid changing the original. This has worked out great until the last 2 weeks. I have noticed that the background images I put into the show your work problems are disappearing when I am using my iPad. They are there when I have Formative open on my PC, but disappear when I try to open the student preview to work on the canvas for my students. In addition, none of the background images will show on my students’ either.

iPad version

PC version

I am using Chrome on the iPad and I have tried to refresh the browser, clear the cache, and restart the iPad.

Thanks for reporting this. We’re aware of a problem with background images not loading in some cases on Safari and/or MacOS, and are currently working on some fixes. The problem seems to be related to caching, and in many cases can be temporarily resolved by performing a hard reload of the page (clearing the cache). The problem also does not seem to occur in Chrome and FireFox (as far as I can tell).

I was using Chrome on the iPad. Both iOS and Chrome were up to date. I also cleared the cache and restarted the iPad. This just started happening within the last couple of weeks.

It is a shame. It is such a great feature to be able to use the iPad and your canvas together! It works great, when I send feedback in real-time to the students.

I believe the problem has been identified and we have a possible solution we are currently testing :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response.

@jparson is this still happening on your end?

The images are appearing normally now, Thank you.

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