Modeling Activity

Just thought I would share a modeling activity I created:
Here is theclone



I enjoyed your formative! I specifically liked the embedded gizmos activity. I was able to view it for 5 minutes as a guest. Have you ever thought about using an embed-able timer for your students inside the formative? I don’t know if it would be useful for you in this application but possibly for other applications.

I have one suggestion for this formative. You linked to a Google Drive pdf file that had some things like matching, labeling etc. Why not upload this pdf directly into the formative and build questions onto each portion of the worksheet? This would give you data on even the DOK 1 tasks students were completing.

If you wanted to keep them separate tasks, you could still build the worksheet into a separate formative, then embed it into your master formative. A Formative embedded into a Formative hack.


Great ideas Albert - especially the formative within a formative hack! I have to come back to that later as I add layers onto this.

The timer could be useful for other applications as my students would sign in and be able to use this for longer than 5 minutes.


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