Movable pieces and non-movable pieces


I just learned that you can upload pictures to make movable (great for math manipulatives), but is there a way to make other pieces not movable? For example - movable place value tiles, but then have a place value chart they wouldn’t be able to move and could move the tiles to the correct places? Thanks!

Oh! This is new to me!! I will definitely be looking more into this!
This would be awesome for labeling geometric figures, parts of a graph, etc.!!

I thought this would be a feature, but sadly, after playing more, it doesn’t work like I thought. If there’s more than one piece, the whole thing moves and not the individual pieces. I really wish this worked! I want my students to use manipulatives and this would be a great way for them to show me how they did it. Darn!

Could you embed a google slide where the background image is what you want static, and the rest moveable objects?

I will have to play with that more. I tried it the other day (embedding Google docs and things was completely new to me until the other day) and it wouldn’t let things move. I’m thinking possibly if it was a google doc, not slide, but then everyone would be moving on the same doc I think… I really want to use movable pieces! :slight_smile: