Moving formative within my own library of formatives

When I began to use formative I just placed all the formatives I cloned or created in my formative bank/library.
I have since discovered/realized the folders that can be used. Is there a way to just drag my individual formatives into a the file they should now go in? Is there a way to put the same formative in multiple files/folders other than cloning? The answer is probably already out there, but I couldn’t find it. I am trying to become more organized as I can see my library of formatives becoming very, very large! Thanks.


On the left hand side of the title of the formative there is a circle. You can select multiple formatives and then choose “move” to organize all of them into the folder you would like them to be in.

I believe you would need to make copies/clones of the formative if you want them in multiple folders. (1 formative can only be organized into 1 folder location)

Have fun organizing!


Thank you! I’ve lots to do, but I am so glad to get it all organized.


This is not currently possible, but definitely an interesting idea. Could you tell us more about why this would be useful for you? I could see this working well if we added a tagging system to the dashboard…so formatives could still only exist in one folder (to avoid confusion) but you could apply multiple tags to them that they’d be searchable by.

david. The reason I ask is that many of my formatives can cross over to different grade levels. At the freshmen level I can use them for practice and maybe mastery. At the sophomore level I can use the same ones for review, reteach, etc. If i create folders based on my grade levels or periods, the ability to place the same formative in multiple files easily would be very helpful. The result would be that each of my files would have exactly what I assigned per grade level or class period for ease of exporting.

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Thanks for the feedback, Susan. I definitely see how being able to align formatives with multiple “associations” would be helpful!