Multi-element questions and answers?

I’d love a way to combine elements into a single question. For example, if I want to add images and math formulas and multiple tables and text all into the same question, that would be lovely. (See the attached images as examples of released STAAR questions that we’d love to emulate, but the interface doesn’t currently let us create.) I can create each of these things separately or I can get them together in an uploaded PDF, but I’d love a way to create a Formative question with the combined elements in the same question. Any suggestions?

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Dear @jenny.santiano I’m not sure whether I understood you correctly … I would do to it like this: If you omit the question (e.g. “How much change should Sara receive from the $10bill?”) and put instead: “Tick the correct answer” you could replace only the pictures from time to time (and maybe have to change the solution).


@michael.lutz That was so kind of you to put together how you’d envision Jenny’s formative! You are the best :100:

@jenny.santiano Could you explain how having all those elements in one “group” would be helpful for you and/or your students? Is it because you’d like to see all those elements together when viewing the responses? :slight_smile:

Thank you, @michael.lutz! I appreciate your help! Using the picture of something I’ve created outside of Formative like this is definitely a good workaround. I’d love to be able to create them IN formative, though, so I can readily change the variables or the numbers to create similar questions.


Yes, definitely! The question examples are released STAAR questions (the Texas standardized test the kids are forced to take at the end of the year). One of the elements that recur frequently within their essential knowledge and skills is to be able to see data in one form (an equation, a table, a graph, or a word problem) and to manipulate it to solve for information that appears in one of the other forms. Because of this, if I can’t type it in directly to Formative so that I can change the variables or the numbers, I’m stuck editing outside of Formative and uploading a PDF. Then I have to recreate the questions, the answers, and the standards all over again… which is a lot of work!

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Thanks for the additional details. So it sounds like you’d ideally want to have some additional options for creating content (like tables, graphs) and for these to be grouped with questions so that you can easily copy those groups of elements and tweak them as necessary. Is that correct? :slight_smile:

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Yes, that is correct. Thank you.

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Awesome, thanks for confirming!

I know what you mean about being able to edit and not have to ‘recreate’ the wheel!

What if you made a Google sheet, in which you entered your data values… to create graphs (within Sheets)? You could have multiple graphs in the same Sheet. When you Publish the Sheet, you can copy the link to each individual graph and paste it into your Formative and it would update itself if you changed the values in your Sheet. :smile: Then, you could clone your original Formative, update the numbers, link to the new graph and update your answer key. :slight_smile: As I type this, I wonder if I could make a ‘master’ Formative for myself that includes the embedded Sheet (so I can edit it without leaving Formative), the hyperlink/embedded Published website (so I can grab the link to the image I want), and the questions for the students below. Then, I can clone that ‘master’, delete the sheet and website links (which were for me anyway) and then edit the rest for the students. I could do this each time I wanted to make a new ‘version’ for students to practice.

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I agree with you about having the option to input images and other sources of information into the formative that we are creating. I use this feature when I can’t use the features of the basic subscription or there is something specific I am looking to assess my students on.

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