Multiple Answers in One Problem

Being a Math teacher, there are often problems that require finding two answers that go together.
ex. When finding intercepts in Algebra, two different intercepts need to be found

I would love to have two answer boxes that I can label so they can type the x intercept and the y intercept in different boxes. Otherwise, students end up typing in the two answers into the one box in various ways (even though I show them how to type them in) and more often than not, they are marked incorrect.

It would also be nice to have questions that would allow for a Part A, Part B, Part C… etc… This would be extremely helpful with words problems when there are multiple things students are trying to find.


I hear you with some of these questions. I’m also running into the problem of answers being typed in using the math-type keyboard not being counted as correct. It would sure be nice (but I’m sure also difficult) to have math graded as math … if x - 3 and x-3 were the same thing.

I mostly use enhanced pdfs, so I have the questions in the document, which helps a little bit.

To piggy back on what you’re dealing with, I’d like it if right answers could be separated a bit when shown, and if it were possible to mark an incorrect answer as getting a set number of points.

I use the enhanced PDF, but use 2 dots. For each dot I ask for what I specifically want. For quadratics for example, I would say “Larger value of x” and the next dot would be “smaller value of x”. Dot numbers don’t match numbers on pdf, but kids don’t seem to care.

I teach Chemistry, which involves a lot of math - what we’re doing for these types of problems is using category questions - so we’ll have a list of a ton of different information and answers and a bunch of possibilities on the category side. We tell kids they won’t use all of the info or all of the categories. It’s not ideal, but if they solve the problem the way we taught them, and then use their solution to answer the questions, it works reasonably well for now.

Great Idea! This would be very beneficial. My idea was to use the category or matching type question or multiple select.