Multiple Choice Points (Can you lower the points on premium)?

I am giving a test today and have a multiple choice question with the new “Show your Work” toggle button. My concern is…there are only 2 answers. Yes or no.

I made it worth 3 points, because it is math and I need to see the work to support their answer.

My questions:

  1. If they get it right and GOformative automatically makes it a 3 out of 3, can I lower the 3/3 to a 1/3 if their work isn’t correct?
  2. If they get it wrong and goformative gives a 0/3 but some of their work is correct, can I give them more points, like a 2/3?
  3. Same is true for short answer? If it auto matches the answer but their work isn’t correct, can their score be lowered?

I have premium currently FYI! Thank you goformative for donating!!!


Do you know?

You can manually score an item as you are already manually scoring their work portion.

I do not have Premium, and I have not seen this feature. Because I am active in this discussion group, sometimes David would activate some premium features for me. Sorry I am unable to help you. :frowning:

You can view their work and give any amount of points including fractional values. I like to make everything worth 1 pt (100%) which gives a slider scale I can drag for responses. You can select multiple student responses and use the slider to represent anywhere from 0 - 1 (0-100%) and the scale is color-coded to the grading scheme you have setup.

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I have same question as original poster. Yes, we are in premium thanks to Formative sharing that feature with schools due to COVID-19. I can’t see how you can make a multiple choice question which also includes the show your work toggle partial credit because it specifically says up at the top that “manual grading is disabled because answer(s) match the answer key”. This will have a huge impact on figuring out the scoring because showing the work is a key component to earning the full amount you originally set the question value at thinking you were including points for showing work. Any help with this ASAP would be greatly appreciated as we are using Formative for assessments and just discovered this grading issue. Thanks to anyone who has a work around–for a quiz that has already been used by the students today.

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@janet.gantert…after your response, I emailed goformative and ask if it is possible to dd this functionality. Fingers crossed going forward.

Here is what they said, "Thank you for the suggestion! I definitely makes sense to allow users to manually grade questions that also have the SYW add-on.

I have created a ticket for the Development Team to start looking into it and I will keep you posted on the progress.

Again, thank you for bringing this up to our attention!"

I definitely appreciate the quick response and willingness for Formative to look in to the feasibility of it. I can’t say enough how highly I regard your company/platform/employees for your dedication to the educational community with such an awesome product–thank you! I have my fingers crossed as well that the development team is able to work their magic on this issue.

Hi everyone! :wave:

As a workaround for now, you could not set an answer key for the Multiple Choice question. This will allow you to grade the question (and its attached Show Your Work) manually any way that you like, and you can use our batch grading feature to speed up grading :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this helps for now!

I just got a message from Melissa at Formative that the development team has made it such that you can now override a multiple choice type question with the show your work feature if you want to give partial credit. YAY for the team at Formative who is always trying to better their already amazing product! THANK YOU!!!

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I did too @janet.gantert…I love how open Goformative is to new ideas? And it took them less than a week from asking for them to update. That is extremely fast! I love this company!!!

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