Multiple questions on one image

How do I create a question set? If I upload one image of a worksheet for example and want students to answer 4 questions on it? I’ve seen it done on formative but can’t figure out how.

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You can use Categorize or Matching when determining the question type but only if you are giving them answer choices.

Hey Sarah! Welcome to the Community Center :wave: it sounds like you’re wanting to add questions onto an uploaded document, here’s our article on how to do that, I hope it helps!

@Jessica_Blackburn is there a way to add multiple questions to the same show your work canvas? right now I have to upload the same reading passage by copying(which doesn’t keep the show your work background images if you change the question type) which doesn’t allow the students to see the annotations they made from the previous question. Similar to the way it scrolls for adding questions for an uploaded document, but I need students to annotate on the document as well so I have to use show your work. I hope this makes sense. I hope not deleting the show your work images when changing the question type is a possibility! Thank you

Hey Brittany! I love the suggestion of being able to attach questions to it, much like the pdf upload and transform, I can think of many ways that could be useful! I’m going to add it to our Feedback board to be voted on. A work around for now could be have multiple “questions” in one, so on the question preview they’ll see multiple, here’s a picture of what I’m thinking:

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Yes ma’am! This is what I currently do! Would be a great addition for the auto scoring convenience. I saw it in the voting platform. Love it! Thank you!

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I have also seen a Formative question where there’s a data table or graph that stays put while there are four questions lined up next to it and I have not been able to figure out how to put the questions side-by-side with the image. This would be incredibly helpful to learn how to do! As I scrolled through the questions the image of the data table stayed still.

You use the option to Enhance a PDF etc. in this case, the image can not be drawn on, but is just there for reference @Katie_Hart

. I requested the the Show Your Work canvas had the same functionality of scrolling questions so that students could annotate the text and have all of the questions on the right

I hope this helps Katie :slight_smile: