My Favorite No Activity

I hope to present a session that includes My Favorite No. I will be presenting it using technology. I plan to have the students complete one problem on GoFormative and I will rate them in the teacher dashboard and select my favorite one. The next step is for the students to comment about the problem. I am thinking completing that on GoFormative and displaying it so the students can see the responses. Comments?


I like that! What if the formative was three-questions. Bubble 1 would be where the students post their original response. You can then take a quick Snip of the student whose No you want to choose and upload it as a picture before bubble 2 (or it can be in a Show Your Work bubble.) Then you can display the student responses for bubble (with or without student names) and discuss it as a class. Then, bubble 3 could be a ‘final answer’ where students can either choose to resubmit their first answer or tweak it to make it better.

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