My First Face To Face HyperDoc Training Led to Interest in Formative!

Okay. I did my first face-to-face HyperDoc PD with our staff today. Overall, it went well, but quite a learning experience. I only had 3 hours, but I needed 6. I quickly figured out that it was the details that became tough… how to add images, videos, turn a long link into simple text, etc…). I am going to share my slides for other to use as a basis. It was an awesome PD, but super tough to create and implement.
Plus, towards the end, I found myself helping co-workers create Formatives along the way!!!


Hi @msashlylcot

Wow! Simply wow! A really nice presentation, there and thank you so much for sharing it!


Thanks so much for sharing! I am still learning about HyperDocs and appreciated being able to look through your presenation. :slight_smile:


Thanks I think Lisa Scumpiertu and I are planning on doing a live How To HyperDoc video next week!