My introduction!

Hi there, I am a middle school math teacher in Arlington VA. This is my 13th year teaching, and my second or third year using GoFormative. I have taught Math 6 through Algebra 2, and love all the great tools in GoFormative!

Hello! I teach Earth Science at an online high school. This is my 9th year teaching, 3rd year exclusively online. I have been using GF for all of my assignments this year and love the variety of question types. :slight_smile:

Hi Kathleen! I am a 2nd grade teacher from Northern Nevada. I’ve been using Formative now for about 5 years and I absolutely love it.

Good Afternoon!

I am a middle school US history for grades 7, 8, & 11th and an english language learner teacher for grades prek-12. I have been using Formative for almost a year and am happy to have an alternative to paper.

Hello everyone,

I teach high school math, all levels. I have been using formative for about a year. I like that it gives me another option to create assignments and assessments. I love the ability to type math equations using LATEX.

Hi everyone!

I teach 8th grade math and science. I serve as the in-class support teacher but have taught general education in the past. I have been using Formative consistently for about a year. I tested the beta version about 5 years ago when I previously taught special education. I love that there are a variety of questions and that it quickly and easily lets you and the students see how they are doing.