Navigating the Periodic Table Formative

I would love feedback on what you think of this formative.[]
I plan to make a part 2 with particular groups and periods named and colored in so that this one isn’t too lengthy. Just want to introduce students to the periodic table and have them label/create one.

Let me know what you think please. :thinking:

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The idea is really neat, and I like how you used the show your work question type to have students identify specific groups on the PT.
There are a couple of typos that would need to be addressed (assignment is missing and i, Periodic in the question is also missing an i), and item d on the task appears to be missing part of the question/instructions.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be sure to correct those typos.

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This is great activity, I really do like the idea that they have to explain themselves. May have to look into using this type of a question in Social Studies. I would never have thought of that question type. I love it.