Need Advice on Screen Recording to post lessons off my screen

Can anyone recommend a good, free screen capture app or program that will let me record from the desktop, with audio, and save and edit for uploading to my LMS (Edmodo). Should not surprise anyone this is the topic of the day in a lot of schools! Thanks in advance for all the expert advice!

Screencastomatic works for me Recording is free. Editing there directly will cost 1.65/mo (billed annually)

If your school has other videoediting software (we video for example), you can capture with screencastomatic and edit on wevideo

Screencastify is cheaper (49/yr per person) , but I cannot actually recommend as I’ve never used it. Perhaps others can?

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Screencastify works great for me.


I picked up Screencastify, great suggestion…! Any ideas on livestreaming? Google hangouts doesn’t let me end the stream and kick everyone out…the link lets the kids stay and chart once I close…


Zoom that’s the one I use.
To livestream without download try

I recently downloaded Bandicam and I quite like it. It has a lot of options, like capturing just a part of your screen and showing your webcam in the corner of the video. It’s not very expensive either (there is a free version which has some minor limitations).

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While it is not free, I highly recommend Snagit by Techsmith. You can one-off purchase as an educator for $29.95 (

Snagit allows you to screen grab stills, mock-up grabs, ability to scroll-capture on websites, whole screen, or regions. It also allows you to screen record, capturing region, program, web cam, system audio, and microphone.

I have been using it for almost for almost 6 years, both in education and corporate work to create help docs, tests, quick how-tos, and more.

Screencastify, Loom, Flipgrid…there are tons of them out there now! They are all pretty similar in nature. Screencastiry requires an upgraded membership to record longer lengths of time though. Recently I’ve discovered Loom. Currently there isn’t a limit on length of recording on basic plan however there is a video storage limit of 25. Once you’ve reached 25 they start deleting the oldest video and move on from there. When my premium version of screencastify runs out I will probably make the switch to Loom!