New Feature Request: Timer Visible to Teacher During Assessment

I use GoFormative during remote learning for summative assessments for my students (which has worked very well since it will allow students to enter math and it will grade it for me!) and I really like the new beta timer feature. I was wondering if it would be possible to have the time remaining for each student appear within the “live responses” tab so that I know how long students have remaining on their test.

Thank you!


If I may tag along to my own post. My students also suggested that if the timer for them was not limited to the top of the page, but perhaps as a floating timer on the side, it would save them from scrolling to the top of the page constantly to monitor their time. Thank you for your consideration!


One of my colleagues asked for the ability to see how much time remains as well. Thank you for posting!

I agree! I have been using the timer and it is great, but it would be nice if I could know how much longer they have.

Also, ditto to the scrolling/floating timer. Great ideas!

@tjc30 @msrandazzo @tthomson Good news, we added a timer for the student view that is always visible, I think it will be available tonight or tomorrow. Here is what it looks like:
Screenshot from 2020-10-10 12-28-03

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Amazing!!! So excited for all of the upgrades you keep making :slight_smile:

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Amazing! My students will be very happy to see this new feature! Thanks for the great work you do!

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I’m not sure how hard it would be to make the time available to teacher view in the “view responses” tab so that we knew how much longer students had as they were taking the test, but I know the students will definitely appreciate being able to see their time remaining in an easier way. Thanks again!

I think that’s a really good idea. I’m not sure we would show a live timer in the results view, like how the student sees it (due to possible performance implications), but I have not explored that so it’s possible. What we could possibly do is add the timer in the sidebar (when selecting a student) and/or show the time left when hovering the student name.

Those would be great too! Thanks for looking into it and for your reply!