New possible features

GoFormative has been such a life saver during this time of teaching virtual and face-to-face at the same time. It saves me from having to create two separate assignments! My students have become masters at cheating or copying another person’s work so I was wondering if or when GoFormative could include features such as:

-Being able to display one question to the students at a time.
-Allowing a number of attempts (edits after submission) instead of unlimited.

I also use this for teaching Geometry and would love to see some logic and angle symbols in the latex math choices!

Thank you!


A group of Math Teachers in my building were just discussing your first feature idea. Kind of like Google Forms, where the students will be able to work on one question at a time and only move on to the next question when they finish the first… and so on… an so on…

Thanks for putting your thoughts down!


Hey! Both of these are suggestions on our feedback page, I’ll add votes votes on your behalf to these features!

This article has all of the supported LaTex functions, are the symbols needed listed on it? If not, please let me know!

yes - I have seen this idea - the concept of sections - posted in the suggested feature section! I am hoping it comes soon!