NGSS-appsmashing ideas/help


To date I have been using formative in pretty much “old school” ways… I am would love ideas for appsmashing and Biology/NGSS for high School. I have some ideas for flipgrid and soundpipe from David’s webinar but I am also looking for other ways to incorporate other apps.

How do you use formative to help you with NGSS/tracking students… Do you use formative with CER’s?

I am also interested in how you use formative for entrance/exit tickets and or warm ups.

thanks for your time and help.


I am really interested in this as well

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I think the most advanced use of technology would be to get the VR goggles and do a 3D dissection lab and use formative to track real-time responses in class. Then run a real dissection and contrast and compare the model to the real. The open ended responses could be tracked for all the students and you could catch mistakes quickly instead of waiting for a lab report to be turned in.