NGSS Storylines

@Science_Educators Is anyone that is teaching HS starting teaching with storylines? We have a full year of curricular replacement in the form of storylines that are 3-dimensional. We have all materials in the Google Drive below. If your are considering or are already doing storylines would you mind sharing your storylines? I am sharing a google drive from the NGSS storylines working group.

We do the Africa and Homeostasis storylines first semester (in that order) and then the Melanin, Disease, Penguin, and Dog storylines second semester (also in that order). Assessments are also linked in each storyline calendar folder within each unit folder.

Would anyone be interested in taking a look at the assessments and possibly work on formatives leading up to and or taking these and creating formatives?

The use of storylines is a large step we are taking and I think there is significant improvement needed in checks along the way, especially since so many concepts are address simultaneously.


This is great stuff! I don’t have storylines to share but I have been working on creating a science practices grid.


Michael, I like your grids, I will have to dig into them a bit more. I have seen some other use of grids here… While I have not done this I am thinking about it. Would you mind if I used yours to get me started as a template?

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The Grid Method is where I came up with the idea. I liked it but felt it really focused on content and not enough ton the doing of science. Feel free to use it but please share back when you are done. I would love to see what you come up with!

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