Number Properties Formative and Lesson

Just wanted to share a Number Properties Formative and HD lesson I made for my adult ed class …nothing super special, but it might be useful to others.:slight_smile:

ZUAQRK or link


This is AWESOME, Ashley! I really enjoyed exploring your HyperDoc as well as the formative you made for the Explore section! It was really cool to see how were embedding Edpuzzle to help students become familiar with the properties and the Formative Show Your Work question type to help students create their own examples of them. I definitely encourage other @Math_Educators and HyperDoc fans to check it out!


Thanks, @david I am hoping to explore more math Formatives-HyperDocs this year.


@msashlylcot I LOVE all the embedded extras you put in the Formative. I also love that you immediately asked your kids to create a problem using the properties. My question for you is, do you hand grade all the SYW questions? Seems like it might be a bit time consuming.


@albertbryant Yes, I will have to. Thanks for remind me I haven’t done that yet!:rofl:

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