One time only for Testing?

Is there a way to make it so the students can only access the formative once?

Sometimes I have students taking a test, and they leave the formative to look at old formatives, and then return.

I’d prefer that they could not do this, and had to take the entire formative in one sitting.

When you go to assign, if you look at the very bottom, there should be an “adjust settings (optional)” button. When you click it, click “after submission” and click “make hidden” You can see more about this here.

That only works once they have submitted it.

I am using that setting, but they are sitll leaving the test to look at the practice test, and then returning to the test.

Hey Majorie! I see this has already been submitted to our feedback page, I could definitely see how this would be very useful for test integrity! A work around for now, may be to make the practice test “make hidden” under assign settings.

thanks! That sounds like a good way to work -around it.

Google Form has a box to click that allows only that tab to be accessed. It looks like this:

Google also calls it “Kiosk mode” on some Chromebooks.

GoFormative may want to try to work that into their mix.

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Thanks, but I dont want to use forms. I want to use goFormtive.

You can always force submit for the practice test and make hidden once submitted. Or just unassign right before you start the test.

What I usually do in this case is set a timer for that GoFormative. If they are going back and forth on other resources, then it will take them longer and they will run out of time. The GoFormative will automatically submit when the timer runs out. You can always open it up again later for anyone on an Ed Plan that needs more time, or make a copy without a timer for those kids.