One Way I Am Using Formative

One way I am using formative right now is for math instruction. Two times a week, I have my students log onto formative and do the math reviews that I have created. They are each 10 questions, and go over different things in math that we have covered. For instance, today’s formative had comparing two three-digit numbers, telling time, and a bar graph. I also enjoy adding pictures of shapes, things that happen in the a.m./p.m., graphs, arrays, etc. to the Formatives. I then attach a standard to each question, so that I can use the “TRACKER” feature to see how my students are doing. I am using all of these Formatives with the standards attached for part of their report card grade. It’s an easy way to see how they are doing on each standard!


This is what we’ve done also for our reviews and small assignments that would just waste papers. The students love seeing the immediate feedback of what they got right and what they need to work on.
As teachers we LOVE the tracker feature since our district is heading towards standards based grading. Formative is going to make it so easy for us to follow the TEKS that they have mastered what which ones they need to continue to work on.