Organizing Cloned Formatives?

I would love to pre-specify the folder that a cloned Formative from another teacher is put into when I choose to create it. Right now, it is automatically created in the main folder and then we have to move it.


Hey Jenny!

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: When you say the “main folder”, do you mean the dashboard where you can see all the main folders and your formatives that are not in folders?

Yes, exactly! They default to the dashboard, but I’d like to put them directly into a folder or subfolder.


Thanks, I recorded your feedback!

What a top idea! I’ve set up a Clone folder but being able to set the destination would be awesome. +1 :smiley:


Thanks Kelly! I noted that you would like this as well!

I would also love this. Right now I clone and then move. Thanks.

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awesome! I noted it!

Thanks! Love the super quick response.

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