Organizing folders

Hi Everyone. I could not find anything on this topic. Is there a way to alphabetize the folders? Also, is there a way to reorganize the order of formatives within a folder? My folders within folders within folders are getting a little overwhelming.
Thanks for your help with this.


Hi @Rachel_Kerr,

Yes there is a way: have a look at the top right corner:

I organized my formatives like this:
Subject 1 folder
Subject 2 folder
Subject 3 folder; within a folder:

  • Coursebook formative folder
  • Exercise formative folder
  • Tests folder
  • Pending folder

within these folders, I numbered my formatives according to my themes, e.g. “1.2 - 3 The world of natural numbers: 3a Potencies/Rules and Laws”. 1.2 stands for 1st class, 2nd semester, - 3 is the third theme.

I hope that might help you a bit … :wink:


Thank-you so much!! Yes it does!