Partial Credit Calculations

Partial credit calculations in formative don’t work exactly the way I expected. I’m wondering if there’s a setting I’m missing or if there’s an addition that can be made.

Here’s an example.

A student has a question asking them to categorize three words as nouns, verbs, or adjectives. They get 2/3 correct but are only awarded one point. This is because the two correct answers award one point (1+1 = 2), and then the one incorrect answer deducts one point (2-1 = 1). Instead, I’d like the one wrong answer to award zero points.

This happens with all of the multiple-part questions I’ve tested.

Am I missing an option somewhere? or is this a feature that can be added? A toggle in account settings would be excellent as this is something I will always treat the same way and would hate to have to do every time I create a question.



I’ve noticed this as well, and end up correcting the scores.

I am having that same issue. I don’t remember it scoring like that before. Is that a new feature? I would prefer to give credit for correct answers and not deduct for incorrect.

It looks like this is how they have it programed to score these questions. I think I remember reading in a blog update that this is to basically discourage students from guessing and checking their way to a correct answer.

This page doesn’t explain the rationale, but it describes scoring scenarios for categorize questions.